Introduction & Vision

This whitepaper will cover JUNKIEZ collection, the $JUN token, earning mechanisms, future plans for growth, how plans will be executed, and much more.


All of the information we will provide in this article is related to our 'Junkiez' NFT Project. It will include the aim and the processes of our project by giving details on how. Junkiez aims to build a strong community with who share common goals and dreams. Junkiez will introduce many new and unique utilities and earning mechanisms, which this whitepaper will go over.


We would like to start with general information about NFTs and their benefits from our point of view to it. Cryptocurrency has led to many innovations. NFT is one of them. NFTs are also a kind of investment for their owners. There are many features that make NFTs different from conventional capital investment. Some of them are; Most of the projects give the owners the right to make suggestions about the project, giving a kind of opportunity to direct the project they have invested in. Keeping in constant communication with the community that has invested in the same project, mostly with the same thoughts. Apart from the gain of the product price, more than one passive income opportunity can be offered in the invested project. And in some projects, there is an option to use it by diversifying it. Just like 'Junkiez' does.


Junkiez Nft Collection has several utilities for its owners. We’re super excited to build an ecosystem that not only exposes our users to a valuable NFT collection but also offers them passive income opportunities by being a part of a social community. By holding a Junkiez NFT, you are also granted exclusive access to everything the ‘Junkiez’ offers:
    • Project Info
    • Team
    • Roadmap
    • $JUN Token
      • Tokenomics
    • Rarity & Traits
    • Merch Brand
      • Staking NFTs
    • Customized Opportunities
    • Lotteries
    • Junkiez Casino
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